Tales from Atlea

A Chronicle of Events in No Certain Order

[The Drain – 03] A Strange Bed

Maeryn awoke alone in an unfamiliar room. Her memory was hazy after her escape and she wasn’t sure how long she’d been out. Her body protested as she moved, but she sat up anyway and tried to get her bearings.

“Good. You’re awake.”

A match flared, a lantern was lit, and light filled the room. Maeryn recognized the shorter of the two riders she’d run into earlier. He had short, rough-cut hair and thick stubble, which Maeryn noted as unusual. Vyorians generally wore their hair longer. Read the rest of this entry »

[The Drain – 02] Escape

A series of glows in the small of his back jolted Ulric into consciousness. He hurt as though he’d been thrown into a brick wall. He vaguely remembered something hitting him in the chest and knocking him off his horse. Another blow landed on the small of his back, disrupting his concentration.

“All right! I’m awake.” Read the rest of this entry »

[The Drain – 01] Horse Thief

The Ysaryngas rose against a backdrop of stars, their jagged peaks brightly illuminated in the light of the full moon. Though Vyoria was hidden beneath a thick blanket of winter snow, the night was mild enough to travel. Two riders, weary from years of hurried travel, followed the road north. They were almost home.

There was some call for caution, as well. The riders had been told about the civil war which had broken out over the High King’s decision to aid Ostheron in the Wars. They were warned about the groups of men who patrolled the roads looking for unwary travelers to capture, humiliate, and execute for “treasonous offenses.” Every now and again, one of these travelers would actually be a Vyorian soldier. Read the rest of this entry »

[Author’s Note] Reboot

I admit that I started this project a bit hastily, without a clear idea of key elements for the story, and I feel that a complete reboot will be better in the long run, now that I’ve played with the characters and developed them a bit.  I hope you’ll bear with me through this, my intention is to give myself a clean slate and you, the reader, a better experience.

Thank you

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